Do you really like what you think you like?

I’ve frequently had this thought — often times when you ask someone what they like, you get “templated” responses like “I like meeting new people” or “I like travelling”. Off late I’ve realized that some of us don’t really like what we claim we like.

For instance you might claim that you like meeting new people. But imagine the last party you were at — the moment you reached there, were your eyes frantically searching for known faces so that you could hide in the comfort of your small group; or were your prowling about on your own actually looking for new people and “networking”?

If you say you like travelling, think about what kind of travelling you like. Do you like small, well planned organized trips where you are in the safety of tour guide and “connected” to the world at all times. Or do you like the more adventurous kind of travelling; go out into the wild for a couple of days with no contact with the rest of the world?

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