another day goes by

Mostly regular. Did some work in the morning (was stuck with a code bug that got resolved, but not any significant code additions). Then had a meeting with Janet Wiener from HP in the afternoon. Basically trying to make some contacts in the industry as well, and might help out with the internship too, who knows.

After that it was a hour and a half of a really really boring class. This time I konked off even though I had the laptop with me! Lord help me get through this one. After that it was back to the house. The sun is back again, so I can bike to school, and we are enjoying a healthy supply of scantily clad babes as well :D

Apart from the usual round to the fitness center, today I made plans to play raquetball with Kiran. Unfortunately all the raquetball and even squash courts were full, so we ended up playing tennis instead. Well more of practising shots than playing, for I realized that I truly suck at tennis! But it was fun nonetheless.

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