Missed 14th too!

This is turning into a habit, darn!

Last night I saw ‘The Aviator’ — nice movie. Caprio is intense, but the roles of Kate Hepburn, Ava Gardner etc are a bit underplayed IMHO. Nonetheless, the movie is awesome. Just the fact that its a true story really amazes me… I mean that people like Howard Hughes actually walked on this earth not too long ago, and did the things they did. One does not come by that kind of imagination and passion every day. But sadly, it was just another confirmation of my theory on greatness.

Later yesternight, the housemates decided the time was ripe for another flick — this time the much talked about ‘Raincoat’ starring Ajay Devgan and Aishwarya Rai. I was caught up with some other stuff, so I passed, but everyone really liked the movie, so hopefully I’m going to see it sometime over the weekend as well. While they were watching Raincoat, I ran through my favorite scenes from ‘The Incredibles’ — a truly incredible movie IMHO, right up there with the likes of Shrek and Toy Story.

I still haven’t got around to working on my wordpress theme, primarily because I’m such a lazy ass, but mostly because its a real pain doing page layout manually. I’m sure there are some cool tools out there that generate CSS code for page layouts using a WYSIWYG interface, but I don’t think either bluefish or quanta do that kind of thing.

Back home, Mogambo has left us, for good. So much has been said about him that I don’t feel like repeating, but I will say that he was a great actor and may god bless his soul.

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