Late night dinner

These days the average enthu for cooking/eating at home is quite low in 6224. Though Mamu was willing and able to cook today, every one unanimously decided that we should eat outside today. And thus the quest began…

Well, it didn’t begin right away, because our dearest Manish had to go burn off some calories over at the fitness center. By the time he got back, it was already 9:30. Most of the places we liked or knew about were already closed — Madras Cafe, Ashoka, Thai places, Chipotle — pretty much everything.

Not to be put down, we decided to make a go for Punjab Tandoor — that small diner that reminds us so much of home; it had served us well in the past, and we were counting on it to fill us up once more. Alas! It was not to be. Much to our dismay, it was closed as well. I’ve rarely felt worse — when you’re so hungry that all through the drive you’re planning out your menu and what you’ll order first and dreaming up gobhi paratha and baingan bharta only to find the place closed, this is what happens.

Flustered, we thought to hell with desi food, lets hit Taco Bell. I’ve been seeing all these ads on TV saying Taco Bell is open till midnight or more, so we were pretty sure we’ll find something to eat there. So we reached the nearest Taco, and guest what? Surprise surprise, it was closed too!! By now I was so disgusted that I was ready to eat anywhere, or not at all, or even come back home and cook. It was around 10:15 by this time. Dejectedly we made sweeping surveys of the Costa Verde shopping center (Aesop’s Table, Cocos, Sammy’s pizza — all closed).

Dreading the worst, we all came to the same conclusion — despite the fact that none of us liked it, we’d have to go to El Cotixan. That fateful Mexican joint where Mac’s glorifying words first led us to a complete disaster and loss of faith in burritos (which lasted until we discovered Chipotle). Atleast I was mentally scarred for ever by that aweful potato burrito. Beggars can’t be choosers. Nervously we ordered our meals and thankfully they all turned out to be palatable and atleast we went back home not-hungry (I won’t say full, because that is not yet determined; we’ll find out in a few hours).

And hell, the food was cheap! Is it so hard to find a late night diner here?

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