Apple’s new toys

Everyone’s raving about Apple’s new toys — the [[|Apple iPod-Flash]] and the [[|Apple Mac-Mini]]. My reaction? Big deal.

The mini is probably a good idea — atleast now people can plug in their own monitors and keyboards and save up a lot on the crappy keyboards that Apple ships (the monitors are great, but still expensive IMHO).

The iPod shuffle is reasonably priced and stylish, but if I’m getting 20Gig upwards for 100-200 bucks more, why wouldn’t I got for it? Also, I don’t think its a good idea to tie the iPod flash so closely to the iTunes software… I mean, I should always be able to use it as a USB key right?

Work was slow today (read no new progress). Our machine room A/C crashed so a lot of my machines had to be taken down and so I’m stuck without any machines to run my stuff on. Besides, I don’t have any new leads on how to solve my current problem either. Its highly unlikely that we’ll have the requisite work done before the paper deadline, but still there’s no harm in trying.

I also spent some time thinking about designing my own wordpress theme. Played around with Inkscape and Scribus a bit. Also installed Drupal and playing around with it. I think there’s a niche for a personal website management system — which would combine a blog, a photo gallery and static content creation all rolled into one.

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