Personally, I value creativity as one of the most prized virtues one can possess. I also tend to believe that creativity is mostly an inherent trait, and not something that can be easily learned or acquired. I’m no psychologist, so correct me if I’m wrong. Unfortunately, I also tend to believe that I’m quite low on creativity. I’m really good at making good use of the stuff thats already available — to be more productive, fashionable or efficient. However, when it comes to actually coming up with something original, I fall with a splat.

For instance, I keep thinking about coming up with my own site design, or WordPress theme, or a research agenda for that matter. But I keep turning to others for ideas or inspiration. Research ideas are still doable because a lot of current research derives from (or aims to improve) existing work. But when you’re designing a new theme, you really need to be completely original. I mean simple things like color combination, font choices, placement and so on make so much of a difference. I really admire people who can create artwork — be it themes, music or anything else.

I hope that I’m wrong about creativity being inherent, so that I still have some hope of discovering my lost creativity :)

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