The magic of Tolkien

Yesterday we watched the first part of the trilogy from the extended edition DVD set. I was watching the movie for the 3rd time (well, the first time doesn’t really count since it was pathetic print and I hadn’t read the book back then). I must say I was impressed, again. Since I knew the story and the movie pretty well by now, I could focus my attention to other things — the minute details, the sets, the affects, the ambience — and appreciate them.

For one thing, I really want to make a trip to New Zealand now. I mean, what amazing locations man! Kudos to the folks who did the research to conclude that the whole movie (sans the CG stuff) could be shot in that one country. And the casting was great too. Some of the actors are just so perfect for their roles — like Gandalf, Frodo, Bilbo, Elrond. Though I found Aragorn a bit lacking, compared to the image you get in your read when you’re reading the book. And some of the scenes were really breath taking.

We’ll be watching the two towers next week. Can’t wait to see those 40 min of extra footage!

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