Living on the edge!

Asim wrote for my IITK yearbook entry that I couldn’t live with old/stable software. Its true! :) I somehow get a kick just by trying out new stuff. Today I moved my blog to the bleeding edge WordPress 1.5+ beta. And its sweeet! On other fronts, Ragesh got a new cycle so we biked down to school today. The weather was great, but I had an early morning class that I might eventually end up dropping. Then had a scary meeting in the afternoon, which got me all motivated. But then I got home and slept for 2 hrs, there goes the motivation! Manish bought a car today — its a run down Nissan Altima, but he got an amazing deal on it. And I helped him move his desktop to Debian, and boy, is he impressed!! Ragesh also made a donation towards the Tsunami funds today — go 6224! My dad is actually thinking of going down there personally for help, beat that!

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