(Happy) New Year?

Like I said, December was a lean month. Hope I can do better this year.

This blog had started out as an attempt to capture my “great” thoughts as I move through life, primarily to aid the biographer (probably myself?) who would one day write the story of my inspiring life. Sounds funny now. Anyways, the new year’s eve was indeed happy for me, and I had a wonderful time. But now I almost feel sorry and ashamed for having fun. For more than one reason, but I’ll talk about just one here — if you haven’t guess yet, you suck, of course its the tsunami.

Sitting here, reading things on the web somehow just doesn’t give you that feel. It was talking to friends and family in India that made me realize what a huge catastrophe this really was. I made some donations to one of the relief funds this morning, and I’m feeling a little bit better right now. Its not much, but its something, and its the best I could do for this month. Hopefully I’ll be able to contribute some more in the coming months.

People tell me money isn’t the main problem right now — its the distribution thats causing the problem. A friend of mine in Bangalore told me that hundreds of IT workers have volunteered for relief work in the affected areas. I’m impressed, but I wish I could do more than just being impressed. I remember during the Gujrat quake, a team had actually gone down there from IIT to help out. I had really wanted to go, but studies had taken priority.

Asim says all this doesn’t really matter in the big picture. Hell I don’t care about the picture, I’m small, and I’d like to be happy in this small little world of mine, thank you. Meanwhile spammers continue to (try to) blast my blog, god knows why. I’m not even listen on Technorati or whatever!! Damn those bots. Hopefully with a better spam plugin, all those moderation mails can be done away with.

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