In true Thanksgiving spirit, I jumped on the sales shopping bandwagon this year. Last year I had spent thanksgiving morning sleeping off, but this time I decided it was time to take some action. Together with some friends, I headed for Fry’s early friday morning, only to find that there was already a mile long line outside the doors. Its shocking really… Anyways, we got in and grabbed some stuff. But I need some more experience before I’ll be able to fully capitalize such opportunities. After Fry’s we also went to Walmart. Among other things, I bought an mp3 player from [[|my3ia]], a 5MP digital camera from Kodak, a weighing machine (gotta watch that weight!), a sweatshirt, khaki trousers, and some other goodies. While we are talking about Thanksgiving, it seems there’s some controversy regarding its history. I won’t say anymore unless I can find the original URL that I got this information from, lest I get sued for messing with religious sentiments. History or not, I think its a good idea to set aside a day when you’d like to say your thank yous :)

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