Who are the people?

They say, “we are the people”. But in this country, who really are the people? The Immigration Act of 1990 set the H-1B visa cap to 65,000. However, under pressure from the industry, this cap was raised to 195,000 sometime around 1998. Over the next couple of years, there was increasing resentment in the public about H-1B holders since they were supposedly “eating” away the domestic jobs.

So earlier this year, the cap was brought back down to 65,000. But no, the industry raised a hue and cry again, and just 2 days back, the cap was raised by another 20,000 (with “special” provisions, to make it look like the Government didn’t really mean to hurt the American jobs again). I mean give it a rest people!

Now I’m no political analyst, or economics expert or public policy expert, and I might have the dates off by some margin. But the facts are true, and I think the problem is much more deep rooted here. Its like trying to set a balance between capitalism (the companies want to make profit) and socialism (you want every to have their jobs).

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