a twist in the tale

A few weeks back, I had posted a rant on why I work with :kde: and not say :gnome: or other desktop/window managers. At that time, I had concluded that the most important reason for my sticking with :kde: was the knewsticker (I know it sounds silly, but its true!)

Well I’m back to using :gnome: at school. And I’ve noticed that *most* of the applications that I use (firefox, thunderbird, blogtk) are :gnome: based. And then, off late I’ve been having problems with knewsticker (is it *that* hard to just read through the feeds in a round robin manner?) so I started using aKgregator, which is a lot like lifearea or straw (which was what I was using in GNOME).

So what I’m trying to say is that knewsticker no longer seems to be the killer app for KDE. Of course there are other things that I really like about :kde: (konsole, kcontrol, knotes, kicker to name a few) and I absolutely loath GNOME’s panel, so I’m going to stick with KDE for now. But who knows, what might happen… I’m always on the lookout for change :)

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