The amorous male

What is it with men and sex? I’m sure all you guys out there have heard the ever familiar jaunt from all the girls out there — “all men are like” or “all men want the same thing” or “men can’t think of anything else”.

Sitting on the bus this morning, I was wondering what is the deal with this obsession with sex? After much contemplation, I concluded that all said and done, we men are just left in a very very confused state. On one hand, there is the biological urge hard wired into our brains. It makes sense that Nature would have wanted men to be wanton in their sexual adventures so as to ensure the greatest diversity in the off-springs. On the other hand, men are tied down by the rules of civilization, confined to the boundaries of marriages or other relationships.

Before I proceed, I must make it clear that I am **not** against any of socities institutions, marriage in particular. Nor am I endorsing amorous acts that are counter productive to the society (eve teasing, for example).

This post is just exploring the confusion that I’m sure a lot of men experience with their amorous desires. So, there we are, fighting against the opposing forces of nature and society. What are we to do? Apart from our personal ambitions, one might also consider the long term future of mankind itself. Societies change over time, and so do their rules. But in the long run, for man-kind’s survival, is it not advisable that we ensure the greatest diversity in our offsprings. On the other hand, human population is no where close to extinction, and certainly not due to lack in “variety”.

Given this, does it make more sense to stick to the rules of contemporary society and try to find satisfaction in our relationships? Thus, perhaps, leading to greater peace and prosperity? I don’t know, but I sure do wonder.

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