India, here I come!

Finally, the day is here. I’m leaving for India tomorrow and shall be gone for 3 weeks. YAHOOOOOOO!!! Too less time, I realize only now. I wish I just had a week more. [sigh] neways, thats life.

Depending on my connectvity there, this blog is probably going to be inactive for the next few weeks (as if it was all that happening while I was here!) Somehow everytime I travel I get this strange sinking feeling. I guess some of it is due to my numerous travel ‘accidents’ (which reminds me, I should write up about them sometime here).

But this time I’m travelling light (well, almost); carrying all the regular stuff, nothing unusual, all the documents in order; so I just hope that all goes well. So long then, and thanks for all the fish :D (for those who don’t know, the above line is from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. And if you didn’t know that, you don’t deserve to exist — go read it today!!!)

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