Going going…

I had thought that this whole month I would try to maintain atleast one blog entry a day. As you can see, it hasn’t quite worked out as planned. But then, what does?

Anyways, last few days have been not uneventful, but nothing very exciting either. For one thing, now I have an excuse for not doing any more “academic” work, since I’m quite “busy” in preparing for my upcoming India trip :D I had my last (well, almost) meeting with Amin on Wednesday. Its really a shame that he’s been really busy last 2 weeks, otherwise I would have definitely gotten more work done. I mean its not that I have been completely wiling away my time, but you know, having the advisor around always help.

I believe productivity is often directly proportional to accountability; unless of course the individual in question is self motivated, in which case it doesn’t matter anyways. Other than that I’ve been doing a bit of shopping. Got a whole bunch of chocholates for my kiddie cousins, an MP3 player, and spruced up my “computing environment” at home a bit.

First I bought a nice set of speakers — the Altec Lansing 221 from Buy.com. Then I’d been wanting to buy a nice big external HDD to solve the storage problem and also to make backups of my laptop before I leave for India — so I bought a Western Digital 160 GB 7200 RPM external HDD with USB and Firewire support. A bit pricey at 180 bucks I thought, but its a one time investment (I hope!)

Other than, nothing much really. Saw “Kyun! Ho Gaya Na?” — not worth writing a review about, and that should say it all. Also saw “The Village” — thought Shyamalan is afraid to try anything new and just wants to stick to “oh-the-big-suspense-ending-you-never-expected”; but now most people go into his movies spending each second of the movie thinking about all the weird kinds of things that could be the final surprise; and I’m afraid in this one it was all too easy to figure out. But a nice watch, nonetheless.

Have to get done with some paper work, and put a lot of stuff in order before I leave. So will be spending the weekend doing that. And some more movies, not to mention! :)

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