Of mice and men

I read [[http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0140177396/104-3264453-3174307?v=glance|this book]] by Steinbeck a long time back when I was studying in Indonesia. Whats surprising is that I remember it most not by its story, but by its title. But I must say that the story itself is very well written, though its a bit too sad and pragmatic.

Anyways, coming back to the title — what strikes me about it most is that it keeps appearing again and again, over and over, in all kinds of places. I don’t know if people just find it too cool, or its tone or structure seems to fit all subjects — but just scan a few headlines and titles and you’re sure to find one that reads: Of [something] and [something else].

Infact, sometimes I feel its the most generic title to discuss anything. Of technology and philosophy; Of Men and Women; Of US and Iraq; Of Bush and Kerry; Of India and Pakistan; Of Hindus and Muslims; Of Then and Now; Of Past and Present; Of Toothpastes and Picnic Baskets; Of Windows and Linux; Of Microsoft and IBM; Of Me and You; and the list goes on. Put any title into that structure, and suddenly it seems to carry weight, seems to mean something, something deep. I mean, I should have called this post “Of Steinbeck and Titles”!!

Anyways, the last 2 days have been weird. Lot of things have come up and I’m left with a huge list of things to do, which of course, I just feel like lazying around and avoiding. The weather’s also cloudy today, gets kinda gloomy without the sun here. Next week I might be going to LA for a day to file my visa application. Also need to get going with the drivers license thing — after the written test all the enthu seems to have deflated all of a sudden! :-D

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