Birthday bash

Yesterday was yet another birthday bash. Ragesh this time. Poor guy got GPLed not once, not twice, but **thrice** in a night! After much digging we managed to get a plain, vanilla cake for him with no chocolate at all. The cake looked really beautiful, but sadly it didn’t taste as good. Well, as long as Ragsy can finish it off, I don’t really care.

We are having the real party tonight — everyone figured friday night much batter than thursday night for a party. We also have the AIGS movie show tonight — they’re showing Angoor. I’m not sure if I’m gonna go, I’ve already seen Angoor many times, and they’re charging 10 bucks for it! :-O

This whole week has been more or less non-productive. Well of course the paper got accepted, and I’ve been spending most of my time last few days getting the camera ready version ready. However, I could have got some more work done had our NFS server not crashed. Well the problem was much worse, and the timing could not have been better.

See this week we had three deadlines — MASCOTS, WORLDS, and HotNets. Now the service contract for the RAID array of our NFS server expired on July 31st. On August 3rd, the RAID controller of our server crashed, and since the service contract had expired, the company said that they won’t be able to provide 24/7 support or even an instant replacement. So there we were, paper deadlines looking, with nothing better to do than to wait.

The CSEHelp team along with the sysadmin’s really pulled off an amazing feat in the next few days. They started off by restoring the web pages and the project CVSes. Next in line were the critical home directories (and mine was one of the first to be restored B-) :D ). Its only when something like this happens that you realize the importance of all those big sounding words like reliability and availibility and fault tolerance and resilience to failures.

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