Yesterday I attended the 2004 Comic Con — International Convention on Comics and Popular Arts — here in San Diego. It was an amazing experience to say the least (though a bit on the more expensive side :) ) It was my first ever attendance of such a convention, so it was all the more fun.

First off, I was overwhelmed by the scale. There were atleast 25000 visitors on Saturday alone, and last year more than 75000 people visited Comic-Con across the 4 day span. There were people from the movie industry, TV industry, gaming industry, of course comic books, voice over artists, painters, independent artists, musicians, and just about anyone else that you can imagine. The convention center was humongous, and there was something or the other happening in each and every room and no event was even close to empty. So you can imagine (you can check out more details at what it was like.

Among other things, we got autographs from Terry Brooks and Ray Bradbury, sat through a cartoon voice-over workshop, saw some anime, saw a discussion session with Sarah Michelle Geller (of Buffy fame), bought lots of comics, took **tons** of pictures with all the superheroes, saw some really weird screenings (check out for an idea) — but overall it was a lot of fun! One of the things I realized that we had come unprepared for Comic Con this year. An event this size can’t be done justice in a single day, so next year round we’ll take the full 4 day pass.

Meanwhile I need to gather some more background on comics. I just finished reading the Batman Murderer and Fugitive series tradebacks. Next on tracks is the sequel to the Long Halloween and Superman’s death and return tradebacks. I also read an excellent comic called “The Watchmen” — it was very unconventional in its presentation, deep in its philosophy and a very nice plot. Though not all issues are equally powerful, most of the book is really grippling and I’d highly recommend it.

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