Wasted weekend

Another wasted weekend. Well, not *really* wasted in the sense that I did exactly whats supposed to be done on a typical weekend — nothing! Nothing academically productive, that is. I hung out with friends, caught up a bunch of movies, and just chilled out. Not too bad, I’d say, but I just feel that kind of dissatisfaction if at the end of the day I haven’t done something which I think is not just “timepass”. I guess this blog entry is a part of that effort, since it *does* take some amount of “thinking” for writing the blog :)

It was Manish’s birthday today. We bashed him up good last night. Some of his american friends had come over and they were playing poker, and when the clock struck 12 as is customary we picked up Manish for his GPL (*not* the GNU GPL please). Himanshu planted few, but really really solid kicks, while Suchit just went crazy .. I guess he has something for spanking and asses!! I vent my share of wrath as well, as Manish’s friends watched shocked and dazed.. they were so totally out of words, it was actually funny!

I called the weekend wasted because we had a nightout last night and I absolutely hate nightouts. Why? well because the next day gets completely screwed up — you get up like 2 in the afternoon and you spend rest of the day figuring out who the hell you are and what the hell is happening with your life.. I find it depressing and disorienting. Nevertheless, last night was fun and infact the day didn’t turn out to be that bad either.

We saw the classic comedy “Gol Maal” first, and then at around 5 in the morning we started watching “The Day After Tomorrow”, but that was just about okay… the story was ordinary, the acting was below average and the plot was hardly gripping. The only nice thing was probably the affects and nature sequences. In the afternoon I got hold of Himanshu and made a trip to the Indian store to refill our supplies of Indian stuff. The Indian stores here suck so bad, they don’t have any other hair oil except Parachute and Dabar Anwla!

After that we drove out to Cardiff by the sea and Solana beach.. the weather was fantastic and the drive was really fun. That reminds me… I was to have done reading the DMV driver’s handbook over the weekend. So much for plans… wonder when I’ll finally take that damned test!

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