Fun filled weekend

My first 4th of July weekend in the US, and it was great! Asim and Priyendra drove down from San Fransisco on friday night. We had made rajma, chicken, and aloo gobhi to welcome them. 4 IITKians in a room, so you could expect a late night gulla session. But since they got late in reaching, and it was already around 3:30 am, we decided to call it a day.

The next morning we all lazied around in getting up. The main agenda of the day was to go Kayaking. Since it was the first time for all of us, we were all quite excited. We had made reservations with Aqua Adventures at Mission Bay. After a hasty breakfast, we left at around noon and actually reached quite before time. Since we had about half an hour in hand, we thought we might as well drive around Mission Beach. So we did that, and we would have taken a walk on the beach if only we had been able to find a parking spot. It was soooooooo crowded, so we just went around in circles a bunch of times before heading back to Aqua Adventures.

The kayaking tour itself was a lot of fun. I was a bit scared initially since the kayak wobbles a lot if you shift your body weight even slightly; but after a while you get used to it and infact, after it was over I thought that the kayak is actually quite stable given the amount of turbulence it can handle. Initially we also faced some problems steering the boats. Basically you can either steer it around manually or use a rudder (with controls at the legs); the rudder was definitely very convinient and quite a saving grace especially for PSD :D

We rowed almost non-stop for 2 hours — our guide Mike took us across the bay, under two bridges over to the SeaWorld backstage from where we could get a sneak peek at some shows; we headed up as far as the penguin enclosure, but it wasn’t as great as it sounds. The journey back was much more easier than the onward journey, probably because of the wind and the receding tide. It was a great workout, but it took its toll on everyone; it came down really hard on Ragesh, who had to resort to hot water massage to relieve his pain and swelling in the arms.

After kayaking we were all tired and hungry; an Indian lunch was unanimously decided and we headed to the Indian complex at Miramar. The lunch was pretty good (except for the slight mishap with Ragesh’s order!). Having filled ourselves up, we headed out to the beach. Though it was evening by then (almost 6), we were still able to catch a bit of the sun. Ragesh dropped down dead after walking for a few minutes; Asim and PSD walked into the ocean and Asim took a swim while I tinkered around with my camera.

From the beach we went to Point Loma to view the sunset. The view there is amazing; everytime I go there I’m fascinated by the majestic Pacific’s immensity and tranquility. It was getting a bit chilly and we were all still in our shorts, so we left right after the sun set and headed straight for home. We ordered Pizza for dinner; Asim dozed off early. PSD, RJ and I started watching Hera Pheri but I too dozed off in the middle, so we pushed off Hera Pheri for some other time and went to bed. The next day was Camping Day, and all of us were even more excited for that. But I’m tired now, so I’ll put that in another post.

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