Deadlines and discipline

My grand father and my father both, are extremely disciplined men, and both of them vehemently emphasize the importance of a disciplined life in building up a man’s personality. As far as agreeing with their views is concerned, I’m completely for it. Not that I endorse a completely regimental type of life where everything happens by the book; but I still like some kind of order and consistency to my environment.

However, the issue that bothers me is that at times, despite trying my best, I just can’t get that order. Personally, I believe that making excuses like “oh I didn’t get time” or “oh I tried, but I just couldn’t make it” is pointless, because I believe that you have just as much time as you want to have. Its all a matter of managing your time. Believing apart, its certainly not an easy thing to do, and not everyone can manage it. Its almost an art, and I’m still a beginner.

But coming back to my point, at times, I feel as if time is just slipping by and all I can do is sit and watch it drain away. Part of the reason for this laxity in discipline comes from deadline. Its a weird thing actually — you put deadlines so that there is discipline, but the more deadlines you have, the more chaos it induces. Atleast in many cases.

All this discussion was motivated as I was sitting in my lab at 10 in the night, paining over those last minute details over a paper submission. And until the point when the paper is actually submitted, there’s no relief, because there’s always something more to be done. Deadlines make you focus, but focus so hard that most other things lag behind, and when this deadline gets over you have to chase up to them by which some other deadline sneaks up on you. And it goes on and on.

A viscious circle, dont you think?

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