Dinner with Greeks

Its a bit late for this post, but whatever.

Ragesh and I had been thinking about calling over some of our Greek friends for an indian dinner at our place for quite a while now. Actually Kostas, Yannis and Periklis have already invited us twice, and we had promised them that a dinner would soon be held at our place. That was like a quarter back, and so it was kind of embarassing. Part of the delay was the fact that our house never seemed to be in a hospitable shape. Another reason was that I was not very sure if all my room mates would be okay with such a dinner.

After the quarter got ever, we really didn’t have an excuse coz we had ample time to clean up the house and sort things out. So finally Ragesh gave out the invitations for Tuesday night. I had a paper deadline coming up, and Manish and Mac were both busy with some of their stuff, so despite the summers it looked as if the dinner was a mistake and would end up in a miserable disaster.

We had chalked out an ambitious menu — poori, chhole, dal makhani, kheer, raita, pulao — the works. However, till tuesday evening it wasn’t even clear who was going to do the groceries, who was getting the drinks and who was cooking what! And most importantly, the house wasn’t ready either. I came back at around 6 pm on Tuesday, the invitation was for 9. After that it was just a race against time!

But it was fun! Ragesh cleaned up the kitchen while I arranged the living room and cleaned out a whole lot of trash. Then I made chhole and dal makhani, while Ragesh cooked Pulao. I made the dough for the poori, Ragesh rolled them and I fried them. We took off kheer because of lack of time, but we still managed to get the Raita in place.

In the end, it didn’t turn out to be bad at all. Infact, the guys loved the food and I was really glad to see that we almost ran out of food that day! :D We had some wine and apple juice for drinks. But the really interesting part was that we ended up watching “monsoon wedding” with the greeks! Dubey ji totally impressed those guys too!! More on the greeks some other time

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