Happy birthday to moi!

For a change, I had fun on this birthday! I mean, not that I didn’t have fun on my other birthdays, but somehow I never felt like celebrating birthdays. I mean, what is it so special about a birthday? Why is it always a “happy” birthday?

I guess the spirit behind the notion is that there are people around you who feel you are special and important and that this day is to celebrate that feeling, and to enjoy in the company of loved ones. But to me it often seems that this meaning has been long lost. These days, the “happy” birthdays are just associated with birthday parties where you go with a present, eat drink and then come back. How often to do we **actually** feel happy for a person on his birthday? How often do we really find our selves thankful to have enjoyed the company of a person, and thus want to celebrate this occasion?

Atleast to me, it seems that this is happening less and less. Nevertheless, I had a great birthday. Its actually on 21st June (which, I like to tell everyone but most people don’t appreciate, is the summer solstice too… or was it equinox?? well something!), but since 20th was a sunday and a treat from Himanshu for his internship in Qualcomm was also due, we decided to celebrate on 20th evening itself.

The day didn’t start off very well, since I was slogging on this paper but not making much progress. Then finally sometime in the afternoon I made a breakthrough which lifted my spirits and put me in the mood for a party. Initially we were thinking of going to an Indian or Thai restaurant, but since we didn’t have a car, we really didn’t have many options. We ended up picking California Pizza Kitchen; a) coz we’d never been there, and b) coz i’d always wanted to go in there :-D We made it to CPK at around 9:30 or so. Nishant was generous enough to sponsor the drinks. We started off with a bottle of red wine. I still haven’t been able to develop a taste for wines

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