First monday of summers

Today was the first monday of the summers. Its a weird feeling. Its summer. You’re supposed to be doing things that you “like” doing during summers, right? Now you like your research stuff. But thats “work” right? So how does research go during summers? Kinda weird I guess

Anyways, it wasn’t so bad. The campus was awefully empty today since all the undergrads have just vanished.

I’ve been watching a movie a day since friday, lets see for how long I can keep that up. I saw “Hum Tum” on Friday night and really liked it. The movie started of awkwardly with the direction a bit jerky. But it picked up really well as it went along, and by the end it came out really nice. It was fresh and both Rani and Saif have done a good job.

Then on Saturday night we saw “The Shining”. A Stanley Kubrick classic, the acting by all cast, Jack Nickolson in particular was amazing. But I didn’t understand the complete plot. Especially that painting in the last shot was supposed to tie some loose ends I guess. But it just created more confusion for me :-D

Last night was “Reserver Dogs”, the original of Kaante by director Quarantin Tarantino. Interestingly, Tarantino himself starrs in the movie, albeit only a cameo appearence. Some scenes are really gory (remember Kill Bill Vol. 1?) but horribly realistic. If you really want to know what happens to a man when he gets shot, you should watch this movie. Again, superb acting by all of the cast.

Finally, tonight I saw “Chronicles of Riddick”. Just one word — “pathetic”. The weird thing is, I still enjoyed the movie. It doesn’t have a gripping story, nor hair raising action. But I think Vin Diesel and the Necromonger babe were really cool, and the effects were awesome. Apart from that, there’s really no USP for the movie. I don’t know why its grossing so much in its first week. And tomorrow, we plan to watch Yuva. What a spree!

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