Its been a long time

… since I last wrote.

The past week has been really crazy. Sometime mid last-week life suddenly became very hectic. Last week of the quarter, lots of deadlines, lots of piled work. But in the end I think I pulled out okay.

Well, its not really the end yet, since I still have a final this Wednesday and then there’s the report due for Bio. But I’m hoping that atleast these two are going to be downhill. The DS project actually turned out to be quite okay. And we managed to get a few really funky visualizations for our Planetlab topology!! I’ll be putting up a proper webpage on that soon.

I wanted to go watch Harry Potter tonight, but missed out on the last show for lack of company :( But tomorrow I’m going anyways, can’t wait to watch it :) !! There are so so many things I want to do over the summers that its becoming hard to keep track of them. I guess I’ll have to build up a separate summer’s TODO list. Learning driving is definitely high up, especially now that Di has also joined a driving school.

Vibhore IMed today from the airport…, poor fella is sad coz he’s coming back from India. I can understand. After spending 2 weeks with your family, its hard. I have to be more regular now with this blog, or else I’ll miss out on the most important days of my life if I keep skipping busy weeks like this!!! :-D

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