The evil of procastrination

I guess without doubt the greatest evil that a grad student is faced with is procastrination. I mean, here I am, with a week to go for the quarter, and struggling with both my courses. Where I should have been comfortably making presentations and reports. Not that I couldn’t have, but just that I haven’t. All due to procastrination. Not that I have anyone else but me to blame, but the temptation to wile away time doing useless things is just irresistible.

I’ve decided that today I will try to finish as much of the bio project as possible, and I will leave it at that. Because I really need to get working on the presentation, as well as finish work for other project. Besides, the bio class is just a breadth course, and so long as Pavel is not complaining, I don’t have much to lose. Anyways, we’ll see how it goes. I also booked my tickets for home today. So thats a good thing. But somehow I’m not feeling so good about is as I should be. I guess its just the end quarter slump effect. Hopefully in two weeks I will be jumping around happily and shopping and preparing for the trip home :)


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