Another long day

As the quarter comes to and end, the effective duration of the days tends to infinity! :-D

For the first time in the quarter I didn’t read a paper properly for Alex’s class. Actually I completely forgot about the paper yesterday and it came to my head just as I tucking into bed late last night. Then today morning I got help up due to various things and reached school at around noon.

Even after that I wasn’t able to concentrate on the paper, because I started playing around with Apache 2 and then ended up wasting a lot of time trying to setup PHP and Perl with it! Sheesh!!!

Anyways, now that thats out of the way, I can atleast focus on the more important things. I’m finally beginning to get a hang of what direction should things take for the project for Alex’s class. Basically we’re trying to validate Modelnet, but at the same time I’m also hoping to develop some tools and scripts which will prove to be useful later on as well.

I’ve to do a lot of work for the bio project as well, but somehow it just isn’t happening. Even Pavel doesn’t know the answer to most of my questions. The algorithm is still unfinished, I have no data sets to test it on, I don’t know how to validate it. Basically, its a gloomy picture. The only good thing is that hopefully I won’t have to make a terribly long presentation on it!

Off to bed for now


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