The best blog?

A recent Slashdot story [[|talked about a comparison]] between the various blogging systems out there. The author has conducted a fairly thorough breakdown in terms of features, licensing, cost etc. Until some time back, [[|MovableType]] used to be the de-facto platform for personal bloggers. However, due to a recent change in their licensing policy, people have stared looking at other options.

Personally, I’m quite happy with my choice of WordPress. Apart from the fact that its open source, matches feature to feature with MovableType, has a flourishing online support community, extensible plugin architecture and active development, atleast for me, the win in favor of WordPress comes from the fact that it comes as a Debian package. Though I consider myself to be a power user, and have no inhibitions with hacking compiling my own stuff, atleast for my server machine I prefer stable prepackaged binaries. Especially if you’re working with Debian, there’s nothing better than an apt-gettable package. Go WordPress!

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