Happyness and Greatness

Often times, I dream of doing something great some day. You know, etch yourself a page in history, do something people can remember you by. That sort of thing. And everytime, I end up thinking whether its possible to achieve greatness and be happy both at the same time.

Of course, there’s a whole debate on how you define greatness and how you define happiness. But for now let me just avoid those issues and proceed with the “general notion” of what we perceive to be great and to be happy. Personally, I find happiness to be closely tied with peace and contentment, which in turn I find closely tied with a good, quiet, family life. But thats just me. I also strongly feel that to achieve greatness, you have to be really passionate about what you’re doing. And I mean really really passionate, like the single love of your life, something you would put in front of everything, even your family.

It seems to me then, that in pursuit of greatness, somewhere the family life will take hit. Surely, you can get great support and cooperation with your family, but I don’t think thats what I would call a good family life.

So thats the question… is it possible to achieve greatness and be happy at the same time? Highly subjective, but still worth a thought I think. Ultimately, its the choices we make. At some point of career, greatness seems more important. At others, happiness. I guess my notion of happiness here has been closely tied to family life, and that might certainly not be the case. But somehow I strongly feel that eventually thats what it boils down to. You can either devote yourself to the pursuit of a passionate goal, or busy yourself in a complacence, content life.

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