Last night we went to watch [[|Troy]]. Nice movie, definitely worth a watch. Though Brad Pitt is not like Russel Crowe in Gladiator, he does a really good job, and frankly speaking I don’t think its fair to compare the two roles. All in all, the movie was entertaining, and I had fun watching it.

And I was really really impressed by Troy and its people. I never found written history very interesting, but whenever I see such movies, I really get fascinated. I mean just imagine how would it be to live in that age? Life would be so unpredictable. It would actually be the survival of the fittest in its most literal sense.

And if you think about it, when life is so unpredictable, you tend to appreciate things more, you tend to live life more fully. I’m quite sure that people in those times were much more emotional and passionate than our generations are.

Then recently there was this movie called “Equilibrium” (which I haven’t seen myself yet). Basically it talks of a future where people have forgot to feel and infact, it is illegal to have any feelings! Sounds quite improbable eh? But what would our world look like to people of Troy? Would they think we are insensitive?

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