Business networking

First there was [[ | ryze]], and now there is [[ | orkut]]. Especially since being acquired by Google, orkut has been making a lot of waves.

So what is this hoopla about business networking anyway? Frankly, I doubt even 10% (strictly arbitrary guess!) of the orkut users actually do any business network. AFAIK, it always starts out with some friend inviting you to this “cool” new e-group type of thing. The first few days there is this flurry of messages when you go “hey cool, check this out!”. And with orkut, this phase can probably last a bit longer as people compete to have the largest number of “friends”, larger membership in communities, and highest ratings!

But eventually, it all fizzes out. People stop checking the messages, stop updating their profiles, communities become quiet and so on. Of course, there are exceptions to all of this, but from what I’ve seen this is generally what happens.

But orkut and ryze are both new, and still very much active. With Google backing it up, orkut it certainly posed to give some nice competition to ryze. May the best network win!

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